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Photo session for 

Has your prom been postponed or canceled due to the pandemic?

We are going to offer a day of outdoor sessions for graduates by appointment at a student rate with a decor created by the Vœux d'Amour team. We want to offer students the opportunity to have a souvenir in image of this important stage of life.

date to come

Because  it's more than a prom.

It is an exceptional passage and marks the end of a significant stage in our lives.

Because we should not forget 

It's an opportunity to look back and see how far we've come over the past five years before continuing and embarking on new adventures.
  This is an opportunity to highlight the success and great perseverance you have shown through these years despite the many obstacles. It's time to be proud of your journey!

It's time to congratulate you & celebrate your success!

Take the opportunity to prepare yourself or not… no need for big clothes either. We want to offer you the opportunity to have a souvenir in image of this important step.

By Aura Photography &  Wishes  Of love

  Included with
      the session

Price to come $ +tx


What we offer you  :


  • A photo session of 10  minutes with the Aura Photography team

  • 5 digital images included 

  • 2 decorative sets installed on site, as well as a general decoration of the entire place installed by the Vœux d'Amour team  


  • Professional makeup - price to come $+tx

  • Professional hairdressing - price to come  $+tax

  • A  buttonhole – 15$+tx 

  • A flower bracelet - $20 +tx

  • A  wreath of flowers 25$+tx 

  • Additional digital image 15+tx

You can select  extra options when booking


booking fees  will be required

Fougère 2.png

June  2020

Reservation to come

In partnership with:

Do you want to get involved with us?
Or do you have an idea?

We are looking for people who want to help us  to bring our project  further and make the sessions accessible to as many students as possible and their families. Whether you too are a photographer, a student or a student,  hairdresser-hairdresser/make-up artist-makeup artist, organization for young people, organization/boutique for dresses or prom clothes, in the middle  from high schools...we want to make a difference  in the lives of our young people and make them shine.


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